What is STOTT Pilates?

STOTT Pilates® is a contemporary adaptation of the original exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates.

This evolved and updated form of Pilates is based on the progressive principles of biomechanics.

The exercises are graded into essential, intermediate and advanced levels to allow for progression. Joseph Pilates believed a flat back was the strongest type of spine but we now know restoration of natural spinal curves provides the strongest and most shock absorbing position for the body.

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Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1883. He was a sickly child – suffering from asthma, rickets, and rheumatic fever. He was also bullied. Perhaps his vulnerability led to his interest in the classical Greek ‘ideal’ of a man who is balanced equally in body, mind, and spirit.


During his teens, Joseph spent hours pouring over anatomy charts, observing the natural movements of animals and studying eastern and western forms of exercise. He then worked as a boxer, gymnast and circus performer.

During World War I Joseph was a nurse in camps and sick bays where he refined his techniques. He settled in New York City with his wife Clara. They developed and taught his Contrology fitness (Pilates as we know it today) based on six principals: Centering, Control, Concentration, Precision, Breath, and Flow.

STOTT PILATES instructors

STOTT has earned an international reputation as the world’s most respected brand for the quality of its instructor training and professional equipment. STOTT instructor Vanessa Pearce holds an internationally recognised certification after passing rigorous exams requiring high marks on each piece of equipment.

Vanessa attends continuing professional development (CPD) training each year to retain the certification. We have STOTT Pilates Instructors at London Pilates Studio.

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