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As the owner of London Pilates Studio, Vanessa plays a key role in the health professional community.

Many of her clients are referrals from physicians, osteopaths, chiropractors, GPs, and podiatrists.

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Vanessa's Studio is expanding

“Vanessa Pearce is the driving force behind the growth of Chiswick-based London Pilates Studio and its team of first class instructors and equipment. The expansion heralds the launch of several new exercise classes in W4 including Ballet Barre and ZEN-GA, disciplines that have migrated from New York and taken Chiswick by storm…”

Chiswick’s cutting-edge Pilates studio is expanding

Vanessa's Filming

“We spend a lot of time sitting at desks and in cars and Pilates helps to correct your posture, open up your chest, so you stand up straight and strong. I have clients that tell me that their exercise programmes have kept them out of surgery. This means a lot to me…”

Stay strong and surgery free

Vanessa arms legs up

“The aim of the physiotherapy/Pilates collaboration is to get people fit for work through treatment, postural re-education and exercise. Improved core body strength protects the back against further injury…”

Relief from back pain

Real men do pilates

“Real men do Pilates at the London Pilates Studio’s men-only class. The core muscles that Pilates targets so perfectly will alleviate back problems and help develop a flat stomach. Two things that are top of the wish list for most men! Developing core strength protects your back, essential if you spend most days sitting at your desk or in your car.”

Real men do Pilates
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