Health care professionals

Healthcare practitioners refer clients to London Pilates Studio as an integral part of their rehabilitation.

“The patients I’ve referred to London Pilates Studio have seen improvements in targeted muscle groups, which has helped in regaining their strength. It’s also important to find the right instructor for the right person and my patients have all improved with Vanessa. Related article: STOTT Pilates bridges the gap between injury and activity.
Dr Andrew Martin, Chiropractor and founder of ActiveBacks

“In my experience Pilates has preventative and postoperative benefits in combating back pain. There is no doubt that pain caused for example, by prolapsed and herniated discs, is alleviated by careful exercises that stabilise the lumbo-pelvic region.”
Ian Sabin, Consultant, Neurosurgeon

“After diagnoses and treatment we develop rehabilitation plans for maintenance, strength and stability. Lots of my patients have lower back problems and Vanessa takes this into account. Her exercises are specific and tailored to each individual. Vanessa is able to work with me to maintain their flexibility and uses her specific knowledge so that patients make further progress.”
Ricky Davis, Chiropractor, Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Course

“We are opening a Pilates studio in our new spa and the team was lucky enough to be given an introduction to STOTT Pilates by London Pilates Studio. Vanessa’s soft and soothing tone guided us through the five basic principles and we left feeling relaxed, revitalised and ready for the day ahead. Several members have expressed an interest in taking up Pilates regularly. We wish that Vanessa lived closer so we could continue to be taught by such a patient and informed teacher.”
Stephanie Wharton, Marketing Assistant, Stanley House Hotel & Spa

“I do enjoy very much the Swiss ball classes taught by Vanessa, it is a fun and complete way to exercise. Working as an osteopath, I do highly recommend her classes, feeling safe in her training approach.”
Florence Pasteur, Osteopath

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