The best endorsement is the response from clients

“One to one workouts work better for me and I try to manage three a week. They’re more expensive than the classes but health wise I couldn’t afford not to afford it. Vanessa has the knack of making you work hard but in a really nice way.”
Ann Forshaw, Strictly Charity contestant

“I had been suffering from back problems, being overweight and unfit. Vanessa has been instrumental in getting me back into shape and feeling confident again.”
Myriam Ben Yedder, Hope Fashion

“London Pilates Studio gave me my body back after having triplets. Lifting them had also taken its toll on my back. I had 3 or 4 private lessons to get my confidence up and then I felt ready to join the classes.”
Georgia Foster, Hypnotherapist, Author and Speaker

“Prior to discovering the London Pilates Studio I had been seeing an osteopath for back pain. One day he said, ‘If you do Pilates you won’t have to see me anymore.’ My osteopath was right. I haven’t needed treatment for three years and my back feels stronger than ever. I’ve tried different classes including Matwork, Cardio Tramp and Reformer. It’s good to experiment as there’s always a new technique to discover.”
Michele Noach, Artist

“Taking up Pilates at London Pilates Studio was easily the best fitness decision I’ve made in the last five years. After years of problems, my physio hardly knows me now and that’s the way it should be.”
D OHanlan, PR Professional

“I could hardly walk without pain when I first came to London Pilates Studio and now that seems a distant memory. I would recommend it for people with back pain who cannot do other types of exercise. I also noticed after three months that my thighs looked smoother which was a nice surprise as I thought that cellulite was something you have to live with.”
Valerie Moreau, Financial Analyst

“I’m under quite a lot of pressure at work and I really feel the physical effects at the end of the day. For me Pilates is about escaping day-to-day problems and is a chance to unwind. I feel stronger, more supple and less stiff. It seems to counteract all the negativity – even my boyfriend has commented on it! “Some exercise purists miss the point and you end up dreading your workout rather than looking forward to it. Each week is different – Vanessa is very good at keeping it fresh.”
Naomi Curtis, Communications Manager

“I was recommended to come to London Pilates Studio by my friend. She is more advanced than me so we come to a small class and Vanessa caters to everyone’s different abilities. It’s a lovely way to catch up and relax together. I had a pain in my hip, which has gone as a result of doing Pilates. I can definitely see the difference in my shape – my waist is more defined and my posture has improved. It has also helped with my skiing. Strengthening your core takes the pressure off your legs and I found I could keep skiing for longer.
Henrietta Dales, Operations Manager

“I first met Vanessa as a member of a pilates class which she was teaching. I found those sessions helped with back pain by improving my abdominal muscles. But last year I suffered neurological damage at the base of the spine after my aorta dissected. And since then I have been having regular one-to-one pilates sessions with Vanessa to strengthen my leg muscles. So I can say that she is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about pilates for rehabilitation and a talented practitioner and teacher, and can recommend her to others.”
Geoffrey Shaw, QC

“I went to Vanessa to help me recover after delivering two huge twins. She was very supportive and responsive to my goals and preferences for my workouts, and I got great results. Vanessa is a committed and expert instructor.”
Katharine Braddick

“I have been having a private class with Vanessa for about a year now and I’ve built up to intermediate level. She is caring and thoughtful and introduces something new to my session each week so I never get bored. For me, exercise has replaced surgery after a fall.”
Janet Abis, retired art teacher, Hammersmith

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