Sports Injury Pilates

If you are injured your first port of call should be to seek out a specialist such as a physiotherapist for assessment.

Pilates is more than about getting fit and in shape, it is a rehabilitation tool used to treat osteoporosis sufferers, stroke patients, as well as those with spinal injuries.

The objective of Pilates is to take over where physiotherapy stops and help the individual get back to the life they had before their accident or injury. Orthopaedic surgeons, doctors and physiotherapists are increasingly recommending Pilates.

The exercises must be tailored to the individual and taught correctly according to the patients’ injury and diagnosis. Large classes at other studios don’t help because the teacher can’t keep a close eye on everyone and people don’t know if they are doing an exercise correctly.

Rehabilitation and Prevention

Many of London Pilates Studio’s clients are referred for Pilates as an integral part of its therapeutic and rehabilitation programmes. All exercise programmes begin with a careful assessment of the individual taking into account any professional medical advice they have been given by other practitioners.

We can accommodate 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 sessions.
We create tailored workout programmes, specialised sports preparation and injury rehabilitation.

Our approach is very different from the large exercise classes offered by other studios, and our attention on the individual is much better suited to injury rehabilitation. All our exercises are adapted to the individual for a safe and effective workout.

“I have just recovered from a serious injury — acute compartment syndrome — where the muscle comes off the shin. After my operation it was all about getting back to 100% fitness. All this Pilates stuff is good for the functional movement you need in football, and helps to rebalance your body and prevent injuries.”
— Richard Barriolhet, professional footballer

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