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“I learned early on that listening to my clients is the way to be successful.” — Vanessa Pearce

For the injured client, the doctor-Pilates-instructor union paves the way for healing. And this is certainly the case with Vanessa Pearce and Dr. Andrew Martin, DC, chiropractor, and owner of Active Backs in Chiswick. “The aim of the practitioner, whether it be a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor, and Pilates Instructor collaboration is to get people fit through treatment, postural re-education and exercise. The reason this connection makes such a great fit is because treatment alone will not always prevent the injury from recurring and the patient needs to strengthen or stretch certain muscles themselves with the correct exercises and both have the client’s interest at heart,” says Vanessa.

“If I’m teaching Pilates to a client and I notice an underlying issue, I always recommend they go to Andrew. And he recommends all his patients to me if he feels they need Pilates to complement his treatment,” she says.

And the feeling is mutual. “Patients that I’ve referred to Vanessa have seen improvements in targeted muscle groups, which help in regaining their strength. It’s also important to find the right instructor for the right person – and my patients have all improved with Vanessa. I’ve found this method particularly helpful for those who have been unable to exercise for some time, because of a back condition, for example. It is very good at bridging that gap; transitioning out of pain and back into exercise and sports,” says Andrew.

Whether you are an existing London Pilates Studio client or looking for a doctor-pilates-instructor team to help you rehabilitate an injury, Vanessa Pearce and Andrew Martin are here to help.

Visit the Active Backs website to learn more or contact Vanessa on 0776 877 8635.



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