Form Physio owner Peter Crawford featured in the Daily Mail

June 13, 2017

You may have seen Peter around the studio. He’s the super friendly, high-energy physio (he also owns the place). But that is not all. After the recent feature in the Daily Mail, we have all learned more about Peter, the ex-international polo player and proud owner of the biggest collection of Champagne in Britain. Yes, Champagne.

He told Daily Mail reporter Jane Fryer: “It’s a proper love affair,” he laughs. “Every time I open a bottle — and it doesn’t matter what time of day it is — it’s like “Ooooff! This is it!” It’s exciting, it’s vibrant, it completely lifts you up.”

His collection numbers upwards of 4,000 bottles and includes Magnums, Double Magnums and Nebuchadnezzars all of various vintages and, of course, values.n And what does he plan to do with all that fizz? Drink it, of course. He’s been known to crack open a bottle at 8am and rarely does a night go by that he doesn’t have at least one sip. n

Next time you are in the studio and bump into Peter, be sure and ask him about the night he drank 48 rare vintages in one go. Our fair leader has many talents indeed.

Read the Daily Mail feature on Peter in its entirety here.

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