STOTT PILATES® bridges the gap between injury and activity

February 18, 2016

Andrew Martin, doctor of chiropractic and owner of ActiveBacks,n recommends his patients to Vanessa Pearce at London Pilates Studio, to learn how Pilates complements his treatment. 

“Vanessa really knows her stuff when it comes to Pilates. Not many people get to such a senior level in the STOTT PILATES method. On top of her own practicen at London Pilates Studio, she coaches other Pilates instructors in how to improve their practice. You need a fair amount of experience to operate atn this level.

Patients that I’ve referred to Vanessa have seen improvements in targeted muscle groups, which help in regaining their strength. It’s also important ton find the right instructor for the right person – and my patients have all improved with Vanessa. I’ve found this method particularly helpful for thosen who have been unable to exercise for some time, because of a back condition, for example. It is very good at bridging that gap; transitioning out ofn pain and back into exercise and sports.”

A safe way to be pain-free“Vanessa is very approachable so is good at putting people at ease. I’ve watched her classes and seen hown good she is with people of all levels of fitness. She keeps it interesting and challenging. I’ve noticed that she also has the knack of making peoplen laugh, which always helps.

Understandably, patients sometimes are just looking for a quick fix and to get out of pain, rather than address how they got the pain in the first place.

It is not just accidents and injuries that cause pain. It can be triggered by innocuous actions; getting up after sinking into the sofa or from sittingn at your desk, bending down to pick up the children, twisting to get in and out of the car etc. Repeating the same thing day in, day out we can becomen ‘deconditioned’; we lose fitness and muscle tone, especially when we don’t exercise.”

Wake up your muscles to ease your pain“Vanessa and I take a holistic view with each patient, addressing how the pain has come about.n Often some simple, straightforward changes in their routine will do the trick along with an exercise plan to wake up the relevant muscle groups, andn prevent them from falling asleep again.

So we may need to see more of people in the short term, not just to ease the pain, but also to recondition them for the future. The payoff is that theyn will need to see less of us in the long term as the changes and exercises become as natural as brushing your teeth.”

Chiropractor Dr Andrew Martin is the founder of ActiveBacks functional healthcare. He is the author of the clinical study ‘Balance & Balance Training’ and is sports chiropractor atOxford University Boat Club.


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