Back in shape and feeling confident

November 18, 2015

Pilates was recommended to Myriam Ben Yedder by her GP as she suffered from a bad back. Myriam chose Vanessa Pearce at London Pilates Studio after extensivelyn researching Pilates teachers in Chiswick.

“I had been suffering from back problems, being overweight and unfit. Vanessa has been instrumental in getting me back into shape and feeling confidentn again and I am so grateful to have found her.

“She is without doubt an inspirational teacher, incredibly patient and knowledgeable, and determined to help me push myself. This wasn’t easy in my case,n a totally unfit newcomer to Pilates. But Vanessa kept me motivated and coming back for more.

“When I shared the Hope Pop-up Boutiques concept she jumped at the opportunity and generously offered to host our first ever West London shoppingn event.”

Lighter, fitter, stronger 

Before recommending a Pilates programme Vanessa consulted with Myriam’s osteopath Saied Shahsavari, at the Mersai Health Clinic, to find out more about any back issues. 

Although Myriam’s goal was to lose weight and get fit, Mr. Shahsavari preferred her to stretch says Vanessa. “Pilates is perfect for this as it works then muscles eccentrically, elongating them as they tone. You’re getting a challenging workout and stretch at the same time. The body tones, lengthens andn realigns itself, all in 55 minutes.

“Myriam is an energetic, positive and enthusiastic person and noticed the effects immediately. She especially loved the Urban Rebounder trampoline I haven in my studio for a cardio challenge.

“Myriam’s back pain has gone and she can focus on the new Hope fashion range, which looks so amazing. I can’t wait to see it for myself and try it on!n Anything Myriam puts her energy into will be a winner. I’m so lucky she chose me as her Pilates teacher.”

Myriam Ben Yedder Hope Fashion   n


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