"London Pilates Studio gave me my body back"

May 15, 2015

“I always used to be quite fit. I was a runner and a fan of Pilates. I had been trying to get pregnant for quite some time and my Consultant advised men to lay off the stomach exercises so as not to disrupt the IVF. So I stopped doing Pilates for a couple of years.

After having my triplets – 3 big boys – I was advised not to exercise for another 8 months to give my body a chance to recover. My main problem wasn’tn a lack of fitness but the lack of sleep! I was getting up about 20 times a night and turning into a bit of a mess. Finally I found a sleep trainern for my boys and the first night she was with me I got an uninterrupted 4 hours. That was the most I’d had in a year.

Lifting my triplets – now 21 months and 16 kilos each – has taken its toll on my back.

So once their sleep was sorted I decided to do something for myself. I spent a fortune on acupuncture and massage for lower back pain but nothing seemedn to work. It was really starting to depress me.

I realised I had to get my core strong again and started looking around for a Pilates teacher. I found the London Pilates Studio in Fisher’s Lane as it’s on my way to the park. It was a happy coincidence as good teachers are few and farn between and it was obvious from the start that Vanessa Pearce is really good.

I had 3 or 4 private lessons with Vanessa to get my confidence up and then I felt ready to join the classes – a combination of Matwork and Reformer. In noticed a big difference in my strength quite quickly. The breath work is really important in Pilates. Get this right and your workouts have more ofn an impact – internally and externally.

Your abdominal muscles naturally separate during pregnancy and after having triplets I had quite a wide gap. A bonus of working with Vanessa is that shen knew the correct abdominal exercises to work my weakened muscles without putting them under too much strain, until they returned to the right position.n I feel I’ve got my body back!”

“I feel stronger and healthier and am able to enjoy my family and run my business.”

Georgia Foster is a hypnotherapist, author and speaker. Hypnotherapy programmes include ‘The Drink Less Mind, ‘Cracking the Love Code’ and ‘Thinking Fertile’. http://georgiafoster.com

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