Testimonial: "My physio hardly knows me these days"

March 28, 2015

“Taking up Pilates at London Pilates Studio was easily the best fitness decision I’ve made in the last five years.

My jobs in PR have involved lots of desk work and international travel. I always balanced this by jogging and cycling, but without regular stretchingn or core exercises. I’ve paid the price: stiff joints and years of annoying injuries – from Achilles heels to back and neck problems. 

I tried Pilates classes occasionally – but it was hard to find a great class. Lots were (frankly) a bit boring. Others were absurdly macho and I worriedn about exacerbating old injuries. Then I came across the London Pilates Studio.

Vanessa is simply an inspiring teacher. Her classes are carefully put together: the exercises are challenging (so the class goes by in a flash) but closelyn supervised, with lots of options for anyone who is more (or in my case considerably less) advanced.

As a teacher she has a calm, easy style combined with ruthless attention to detail. I started out with one-to-one classes: these were fantastic in helpingn me get to grips with the Pilates equipment. Then I graduated to group classes. They are really small (four in a reformer class) with lots of opportunitiesn to ask questions.

I think the place you learn is important too. The Studio is wonderful: quiet, warm and flooded with light. After years of problems my physio hardly knowsn me these days and that’s the way it should be.”

D OHanlan, PR Professional 


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