New Pilates instructors at London Pilates Studio

December 15, 2014

Trevor England

Trevor is qualified in a wide range of disciplines including sports massage, neurostructural integration technique, reflexology and maternity therapies.n He integrates this holistic knowledge into his workouts to help you to achieve optimal movement and strength to combat injury, stress and life’s dailyn challenges!  Cardio Tramp workout.

Michelle Swallow

BarreConcept teacher Michelle is an accomplished dancer specialising in ballet, contemporary, hip hop and jazz. Her workouts offer access to the worldn of dance and are a perfect balance of ballet, Pilates, yoga and body conditioning. Dance your way to a fabulous body!   BarreConcept class.

Maggie Perez Claiden

A qualified physiotherapist and sports therapist, Maggie integrates this expertise into her classes: “When I spot misalignments or a lack of coordination,n I incorporate specific exercises into the workout”. You will benefit from improved posture, increased strength and a firmer body.  Physiolates on the Reformer.

Short bio of all the Pilates teachers at London Pilates Studio in Chiswick.  



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