New class: Physiolates on the Reformer

November 18, 2014

Physiolates on the Reformer taught by Maggie 

Tuesday 08.00 — 08.50

Tuesday 09.00 — 09.50

Tuesday 11.00 — 11.50

Maggie Perez Claiden HCPC is a qualified physiotherapist and sports therapist who integrates this expertise into her personal training sessions and Pilatesn classes. Strengths include musculoskeletal physiotherapy, postural analysis and alignment, and sports injuries and massage.

Working alongside clinicians as a sport remedial masseur, Maggie utilises range of motion and neuromuscular techniques, for sports injury and rehabilitation.n Currently she as in-house physiotherapist at London Tigers FC, and has previously worked at Shoreditch House and Virgin Active Notting Hill.

Maggie’s Pilates classes will improve your posture, increase your strength and sculpt your body. “When I spot misalignments or a lack of coordination,n I incorporate specific exercises into the workout. It’s the opposite to working to people’s strengths as you’re strengthening the weaker side.

“One of my clients is a rower experiencing a lot of shoulder pain. We worked to open up the muscles and counterbalance the activity of rowing, and hisn pain is now reducing.

I also see a lot of runners who are using specific muscles but not others. The footbar on the Reformer is effective at

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It’s not all about sports enthusiasts. Lower back problems are typical in all walks of life. “We are hunched over our technology and labour saving devicesn at work and at home. Pilates is effective at counterbalancing this sedentary lifestyle, by rotating the shoulders and engaging the upper back muscles.

The Reformer is ideal in challenging the muscles we tend not to use but you must know the basics. Maggie recommends a one-to-one session on the Reformern first before joining a class, to get used to the equipment and the terminology. As you get stronger, you can add more springs, which give greater resistancen and a more challenging workout. The stronger you get, the more springs you add.

A body that is balanced moves move efficiently

Pilates novices should start with matwork before moving on to the Reformer, taking it slowly at first, especially with any injury or pain.

The London Pilates Studio is great and attracts clients that want to work and learn. I’ve been in situations where people work out solely to burn caloriesn or alleviate stress. That’s fine but you have to be careful you’re not hurting yourself.

It’s not a good idea to go for a 10k run after sitting at a keyboard all day. I know time is short but if you do a class first, it prepares your body andn engages your muscles. Failure to take a more holistic approach results in problems and injuries.

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