New Pilates Reformer workout taught by Bryony

August 31, 2014

New Reformer class taught by Bryony.

Wednesday 11.30 – 12.20 Bryony Ashford brings 11 years Pilates teaching experience to Chiswick in this dynamic workout combining the Reformer and Stability Chair. She seamlessly blends the two to correct the imbalances we inflict on our bodies in everyday life; fornexample many people spend a lot of time slumped over a laptop, crouched behind the wheel, lifting children etc.n Bryony is a certified STOTT Pilates instructor who is teaching an ingenious combination of two amazing pieces of equipment. The Reformer uses glidersnand springs for resistance, so there is less stress on the body. The addition of The Chair adds a whole new dimension to your Pilates workout. It focusesnon legs and torso for upper and lower-body strength, and enhanced stability and posture.n

“The reason this workout is so good is because it highlights imbalances in the body and teaches people to be much more bodily aware,” says Bryony.n

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“It will strengthen deep core as well as peripheral muscles and is mixed ability and suitable for all levels. I will adapt the class to accommodate differentn goals or injuries,” says Bryony. “For example, to alleviate a sedentary lifestyle, or lower back and shoulder pain, or to improve running style, golfn swing, tennis serve etc.”

Over the years Bryony has supplemented her professional qualifications with numerous courses and workshops. These skills,ncombined with her years of on-the-job experience, come together in this dynamic combo workout.n

“I have a logical, mathematical mind and I love the mechanics of how things work, especially the anatomy. I pass this knowledge on to clients so they known the impact their lifestyle has on their bodies. Most importantly, if people understand what they need to do to put things right, they’re much moren likely to apply what they’ve learned”

Call 020 8994 6362 / 07768 778 635 to join Bryony’s Reformer/Chair combo class. 

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