Physiolates comes to Chiswick

July 14, 2014

NB Spring 2015 – n Jenny is currently on maternity leave. 

Tuesday 08.00 – 08.50 Physiolates Tuesday 09.00 – 09.50 Physiolates Tuesday 11.00 – 11.50 Physiolates

The classes are run by our qualified physiotherapist instructor, Jenny Fowler. The exercises can be modified for all abilities whethern returning from injury or looking to improve performance. 

Jenny has practiced physiotherapy for 16 years at sports medicine clinics and hospitals, and in occupational health including a stint as team physio forn a rugby football club. She has taught physio-led Pilates since 2005 including at the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute, and at ergonomicsn and corporate wellness clinics. 

“I’ve broadened my physiotherapy practice over the years to include Pilates and I have learnt through experience that STOTT Pilates is the best. I findn it to be the most thorough form available and I specifically wanted to teach the Reformer.

“People can sometimes be unaware that they don’t have to wait until they’re over their injuries before exercising. You can get going during your rehabilitation. Don’tn be nervous about exercising with a bad back for example, as I modify the sessions according to the injury and the individual.

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“I was recommended to come and teach at London Pilates Studio by STOTT as theyn think very highly of Vanessa. She is so welcoming and the clients are friendly too, which makes a nice atmosphere in the Studio. There is a sensen of fun and camaraderie in the classes and this has a knock-on effect of motivating people to work through their aches, pains and injuries, when theyn otherwise might not bother. People might initially come for recovery or maintenance but they carry on because they enjoy it and look forward to classes.

“Another thing I like about the Studio is that the sessions are challengingn and different each time. There’s often at least one man in every class, which is great because there can be a preconception that it is just for women.”

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STOTT Pilates is relevant to everyone – regardless of age, shape or fitness. The elderlyn want to feel fit and healthy for as long as possible, and busy people of all ages want to keep strong and agile for work or sport. New mums want ton tone up and get their pre-pregnancy bodies back, says Jenny. “I have two children age 4 and 2, with another one on the way – so I’m currentlyn doing an anti-natal course myself!

“Looking after a young family is physically and mentally demanding. The nice thing about coming to Pilates is that you can focus entirely on yourself.n So although it’s challenging, it’s also quite relaxing to focus on your body and your breathing. It’s a bit of ‘you time’.”

Call 020 8994 6362 / 07768 778 635 to reserve your place in Physiolates.

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