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June 10, 2014

Check out London Pilates Studio’s range of equipment, DVDs and education for pros as well as students. SPECIAL OFFER! Save up to half price on Pilatesn equipment. Shop now.

There is a profusion of equipment on the market, but do you really need it to get the most from your Pilates workout? The answer is – that depends. Somen items are invaluable to help you to maximise your time and energy, and bring variety into your sessions. Other items are best left on the shelf.

I have tried and tested practically everything aimed at enhancing Pilates practice and can pass my knowledge and experience on to you.

Choose from a variety of equipment and Pilates tools including: toning balls, bands, foam rollers and foam pads. Specialist kits include: Dumbells setsn ‘STOTT Pilates for Beginners’ workout kits, and ‘Pilates for Pregnancy’ packs.

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