Train to be a Pilates teacher in Chiswick

December 9, 2013

Learn from the best – Vanessa Pearce, lead instructor at London Pilates Studio.

Jay House has recently undertaken a STOTT Pilates certification programme. As part of the course, she is required to complete a certain amount of trainingn and teaching hours before becoming a certified instructor. 

Jay approached Vanessa Pearce to help her practice the exercises after being recommended to Vanessa by STOTT. Only the most highly regarded instructorsn are trusted by the firm to hone the skills of newly-trained-and-qualified Pilates teachers.

“I live in Isleworth and as Vanessa has her Pilates studio in Chiswick, it’s not too far to travel. She’s overly qualified for teaching and also has manyn years experience. She has taken me under her wing and I’m very lucky to have found her.”

Jay wanted someone who concentrates purely on STOTT Pilates, rather than an instructor attached to a gym, where the Pilates is diluted by other exercisen programmes, or devalued the latest fads and workouts.

Vanessa is good to train with because she is very precise and her instructions are easy to follow.”

“Sometimes you find teachers trained in Pilates, but not necessarily in the STOTT method, which I think is the best. I like training with Vanessa becausen she is not just a good teacher but she’s my mentor as well – she always offers good advice, and her client care is amazing.”

In addition to precise practice and teaching of the exercises, Jay has help with exam preparation, and is learning client care and the business side ofn running your own studio. Already, she is more confident in the discipline and has already started teaching friends and family.

“Basically, I have been practicing on anyone who will let me! I’ll probably kick off by teaching in a couple of studios to get some experience.

“The best thing about London Pilates Studio is that the classes are small. Big companies have loads of people so there is little or no individual attention.n Therefore you don’t do the exercises properly and the benefit and Pilates is lost. Pilates can be life changing– it’s incredible to see the impactn on people.”

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