Train-the-trainer Pilates in Chiswick

December 9, 2013

Vanessa Pearce at London Pilates Studio is teaching newly trained STOTT Pilates teacher Claudia Jones. The aim is to help Claudia consolidate everything she has learnt and build up her confidence to enable her to qualify as a certified STOTT Pilates instructor. n

Vanessa was recommended to Claudia by one of the master STOTT instructor trainers running her course. Claudia has completed the matwork module and is continuing with Reformer training. n

“ Vanessa is so helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I’ve been doing one-to-one matwork training and am now combining this with training on the Reformer twice a week.n

“It’s useful to see how Vanessa teaches and corrects my practice and posture. She has been incredibly warm and welcoming and is generous with her advice and information.n

“I’m learning the repertoire from Vanessa for the exam. I like her anatomical references, and the fact she uses the proper terms for the body. So it’s ‘engage your glutes’, rather than ‘squeeze your bottom!”n

Claudia’s regular job is to provide language and communication services to deaf people. She works with small groups of people at home and also interprets meetings and phone calls for clients who run their own businesses.n

“I would like to combine the two skills and teach Pilates to deaf people. I also intend to run my Pilates practice from home. I have young children and I’d rather not be travelling. n

Vanessa is a great teacher and it’s lovely being with her. She’s really good with people at every level of fitness and ability – whether they are young and fit, older and immobile, recovering from surgery or whatever.”n

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