Relief from back pain at London Pilates Studio

November 14, 2013

After years of putting up with lower back pain David Hore discovered Vanessa Pearce at London Pilates Studio. 

I’ve had problems with my lower back for years but didn’t get much joy with either my GP or local hospital. Basically I was told I would ‘just have to live with it’. I have no idea how the problem started – I work in an office and probably slouch over my desk – but there is nothing I can pinpoint. All I know is thatn once or twice a year my back would get so stiff that some mornings I couldn’t get out of bed. Over time the frequency increased until it was everyn 4-6 weeks.

My GP suggested some exercise, but I have always tried to keep fit. I get down to the gym to use the cross trainer, lift a few weights, and get onn the running and rowing machines. None of this made any difference to my back.

He then suggested I do Pilates or walk backwards in the swimming pool! This isn’t very practical as the lanes in my local pool are full of swimmers.

So I decided to give Pilates a try but I must admit I kept putting it off! I did a bit of research online to find a Pilates teacher in Chiswick andn came across Vanessa Pearce on the London Pilates Studio website. When I came across one of her leaflets in my local coffee shop, I couldn’t put itn off any longer.

Since giving Pilates a try, I’ve had no problem with my back at all. 

I think it’s down to the stretching exercises, which have made my spine feel looser and more flexible.n

Vanessa’s classes are small so she is able to keep a close watch. It’s friendly and sociable and I find it less intimidating to be corrected in frontn of fewer people. I have been going twice a week for about six months now and I try not to miss it.

I had seen Pilates being done in my gym – in a room full of about 20 people. But Pilates is about doing small and precise movements in the correctn way, and this doesn’t happen in large groups.

I’m 50 but I feel younger. Before, I would wake up not being able to move. Now I feel so good in the mornings, and getting up is no problem at all.”n


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