Top tips for all new mums

August 7, 2013

Kate Middleton is an inspiration to new mothers everywhere what with putting her mummy tummy on display and giving her post-baby body time to recover. The Duchess of Cambridge apparently continued Pilates and Yoga throughout her pregnancy. Now that she has given birth to the new Prince, how will she still find the time to fit her workouts around motherhood. 

Kate, along with every other busy first-time mum, could practice some post-baby Pilates moves at home. That way, there’s no need to get dressed, squeeze into your workout gear or put your face on! Here are some top tips for a natural recovery.

Whilst breast feeding

Sit comfortably in a reclined position – don’t slump. Keep your feet hip distance apart and your elbows supported. If possible have your head supported too. This will help prevent rounded shoulders, possibly causing neck ache.

Whilst walking baby in the pram

Have the handle high enough so you don’t have to stoop forwards. This will maintain an upright posture and avoid rounding your shoulders as you walk. 

Whilst carrying your little one in the baby sling

Pull your shoulders down and back. Don’t let the weight of the baby pull your spine into a rounded position. This is vital, especially as your baby gains weight and starts to move around more.

Whilst rocking baby to sleep

Sit or stand tall and avoid stooping forwards as this can lead to back pain.

As your baby gets older and heavier

Never sit your child on your hip as this puts undue and uneven pressure on the spine.

If you’d prefer to escape for a bit of ‘me time’ and get a change of scenery, get down to London Pilates Studio for a one-to-one post-baby workout with Vanessa Pearce. Alternatively, Vanessa will help you to tailor a group class with other new mums in your NCT group.  

It took you nine months to create your little miracle, and most people need a similar amount of time to regain your shape.

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