Iron Man is Pilates fan

June 6, 2013

Ricky Davis is training for the Iron Man UK Triathlon which this year will be held in Bolton on Aug 4th. The competition consists of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile cycle and a marathon (26 miles) to finish. The race is run in this order without a break. 

Ricky’s training programme includes several hours every day and up to 5 hours of cycling at weekends, and a weekly one-to-one Pilates workout with STOTT certified instructor Vanessa Pearce. By profession, Ricky is a chiropractor specialising in golf injuries and performance care. His treatment and advice keeps golfers fit enough to continue playing. Last year he watched a friend competing Iron Man and was motivated to compete himself: “I decided there and then to enter this year’s race. “I’ve been training ever since and I’m really excited about by my progression.

“I thought Pilates would be good for me as I needed to do quite a bit of work on my flexibility. I hadn’t been to a Pilates teacher before and as I was working in Chiswick, London Pilates Studio seemed the perfect place.

“Since seeing Vanessa my flexibility has improved and I feel more comfortable whilst running. With her help I hope to keep everything moving as it should and get through my Iron Man training without injury.” Ricky has also started to refer patients to Pilates because he judges it to be a good fit for their needs. “A lot of them have lower back problems and Vanessa takes this into account. Her exercises are specific and tailored to each individual. 

Pilates for maintenance

“I have worked with lots of sports people because chiropractic is not just about the spine. It is similar to physiotherapy and osteopathy in that we also work with soft tissue, ligaments and joints. We work to get people functioning optimally, working in line with GP’s and orthopedic surgeons to make sure everyone gets the best treatment possible for their condition. Lots of people come in with injuries and need our help to get things moving,” Ricky says. 

“After diagnoses and treatment we then develop rehabilitation plans for maintenance and strength and stability. Vanessa is able to work with me to maintain their flexibility and can use her specific knowledge to progress people further” As well as competing in Iron Man UK, Ricky is just about to take up a new post at Royal mid Surrey Golf Course.


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