Pilates for skiers

November 23, 2012

Operations manager, Henriettan Dales, was recommended to come to London Pilates Studio by a friend: ” It’s a lovely way to catch up with each other and relax together. She is moren advanced than me so we chose a small class where Vanessa caters to everyone’sn different abilities. 

“I had a pain in my hip, which has gone as a result of doing Pilates. I don’t know how I got it in the first place but if I don’t do Pilates it just comesn back!”

Helps prevent injury

Henrietta says she can definitely see the difference: “Not so much in my weight but in my shape – my waist is more defined and my posture has improved.n It has also helped with my skiing. 

“Strengthening your core takes the pressure off your legs and I found I could keep skiing for longer.” Pilates is a great workout to help prevent skiingn injuries as it strengthens all the muscles in the lower body and around the knees. 

“Skiing requires lots of the lower body strength but at the same time, skiers need strong arms, shoulders, back and core to navigate slopes and snowy terrain.n You put your arms out to cushion a slide or a fall and you need core and upper body strength to get yourself back up again. 

“If you’re a skier, some Pilates classes before your holiday will make your runs through the snow more enjoyable.  It’s all about preventive maintenance,n strengthening weaknesses and teaching you body control.”

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