Discover Your Inner Olympian in Chiswick

June 24, 2012

Let the Olympics inspire you to take up Pilates to improve both your body and mind, and perhaps even try out a new sport, as London takes centre stage this summer for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Working out on the STOTT Reformer at London Pilates Studio

Many Olympians are fans of Pilates including Olympic and World Champion sprint track cyclist Victoria Pendleton, Team GB 400m runner Conrad Williams, Team GB synchronised swimmer Katie Dawkins.

Love sports but prefer to watch from the screen or the sidelines?

Vanessa Pearce of London Pilates Studio in Chiswick will help you pick a Pilates class or a workout that suits your fitness, yourntemperament, your time and your pocket.

“I work alongside Alan Watson, physiotherapist, BIMAL medical & sports rehabilitation centre, prescribing and monitoring the exercises.

You work on flexibility, strength and breathing and you’re burning calories whilst you’re at it. Even an hour can make a difference.

There are classes to suit all: “We have a brand new studio flooded with natural light. There is a maximum of four to a class and you don’t have to worry about paying a membership or joining fee. Just pay as you go or book a block of Pilates classes to get a discount.”

Vanessa will also devise one-on-one training programmes customised to individuals. Workouts, whether one-on-one or in a class, will target your core muscles. And as strength, speed and agility come directly from the core, no wonder Pilates is popular with athletes.

Your fitness will be monitored, corrected and managed to ensure you stay focused – like all good Olympians!


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