Where does the fat end up?

March 6, 2012

Michael Mosley (right) presents new research about exercise that has the power to make us all live longer and healthier lives: ” I know I should do more exercise but I don’t particularly enjoy it, I begrudge the time and I never seem to make much progress. But this new approach has altered my life and it might just alter yours too.”

Prepare to be amazednThere’s a huge variation in how people respond and benefit from exercise. The problem with public exercise guidelines is they’re not personalised. The one-size-fits-all approach has no guarantee that the recipe will give you the right results.

In tests – some people were super-responders to exercise and some had no change. The reasons for the variations can be traced to just eleven genes.

How can you find out your level of response to exercise? Take a blood test or go take twenty weeks of hard exercis. That’s no contest says Mosley, who has discovered that just three minutes of high intensity exercise a week is his personal ideal level.

Watch BBC Horizon: The Truth About Exercise.


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