Vanessa Pearce of London Pilates Studio instructs premiership footballer

February 9, 2012

Richard Barriolhet, reserve striker for Fulham FC, recently visited my Chiswick studio to work out on the latest STOTTnPilates equipment.

‘Richie’ is recovering from a leg injury and his club have advised him to include Pilates in his training schedule to regain 100{ef00c87440127f955c5c6b47edd07c62d8e12e17d7c3a38579426279efcffcb5} fitness. Pilates is increasing in popularity in Premiership players as Ryan Giggs and Gareth Bale – and even David Beckham – are fans.

Richard maintains that Pilates makes his body feel balanced: “Its good for all the functional movement you need in football and helps to re-balance your body and prevent injuries.”

Raised in France, Richard initially made his way through the Nice youth system, before returning to England, his place of birth: “The best moment of my career so far was signing my first professional contract at Fulham.”

Here is a little video of Richard’s workout:Pilates for premiership footballers

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