London Pilates Studio Video: Rebound class

January 31, 2012

Tonight’s episode of Channel 4′s The Fat Fighters is the last of a five-part series that goes behind the scenes to follow four personal trainers.

This quartet is not for the faint-hearted: a Californian ex-heavyweight boxing champion, a 6’2” Lithuanian gold medal high jumper, a ‘Pussycat Doll’ workout class creator, and a platinum blond Mohican-wearing Musclemania finalist. They’re way too scary for most people – including me!

Here is a clip of me filming a Rebound class for the series at the Gymbox in Westfield. Rebound is aerobic, high energy and low impact – and integrates well with Pilates.

VIDEOMaking Channel 4 programme ‘Fat fighters’

Sound track is Ecstasy X by Jason Shaw.



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