New Year Resolutions for 2012 – top tips for fitness

January 5, 2012

All the many temptations in Chiswick (the lovely bars, restaurants, café’s etc) make it hard to stay in shape. Here is a way for busy locals to stay healthy and stress-free whilst still enjoying all the delights that Chiswick has to offer.  Plus a New Year special offer – more to come.

It’s that ‘New Year resolution’ time of year again and most people are wondering if it’s worth making their annual promise to get fit when there’s so much pressure and temptation to knock you off your stride. Is it possible to stick to your goals when it comes to health and fitness?

On average only about 20{ef00c87440127f955c5c6b47edd07c62d8e12e17d7c3a38579426279efcffcb5} of us keep our New Year’s resolutions and some of the biggest failures are found in fitness resolutions. So what’s the secret to success? It’s not magic and it’s not rocket science. Herenare some straightforward steps to make it easier.

Make your goal achievable  Not everyone can look like Liz Hurley at fifty (yes really… groan) so try the more realistic goal of making the best of what you’ve got. With this in mind, promise yourself to include some physical activity in your life every day, or at least a couple of times a week.

Make a plan  Treat it like a project and describe how you’ll achieve your health and fitness goal. Say, losing ten pounds, being able to run around the block without wheezing – or whatever. Put it into small digestible chunks so it’s more approachable. So if you want to run a marathon, start with running a kilometre in less than forty five minutes. Add some body strength training to increase stamina and update your plan as you go.

Tell your friends and family  Well, share your goal with at least one person so they can help keep you motivated. But don’t over commit and try to make multiple changes all at once. This will just lead to disappointment.

Get professional help and advice  There’s no doubt that having the help of a trained professional will greatly improve your chances of success. Take a yoga or Pilates-style class to help de-stress, increase your stamina and strengthen your core.

Try a new class or teacher  Classes can get a bit pricey but shop around for the best deal making sure you don’t compromise on quality – go for the best teacher you can find. Don’t compromise your health either – you’re not going to get the same attention in a class of ten that you’ll get in a class of four.

Don’t go for ‘the burn’  Start gently and build up to prevent over training and possibly causing injury which will set you back!

Less is more (well …it’s better than nothing!)  Can’t get to a class or the gym? Skip up and down the stairs instead of taking the lift or escalator. Work your core while you’re waiting for the train. Engaging the core in balance exercises is easy, fun and can be done pretty much anywhere. Challenge yourself to stand on one foot (or whatever).

Have a dry January  Give up the booze for the month. It will give your body a break and get your system back on track. Don’t hold back on the water though, and make sure you hydrate. Often people think they’re hungry when they’re actually dehydrated. It doesn’t contain calories and it helps your skin glow – what’s not to love?

Use your mobile as a fitness device  People living and working in W4 are tied to their mobile devices, so why not use your phone or tablet etc. to help your New Year resolution?  Keep a record of food and exercise daily so that if the results are slow to materialise you can look back and see why.

The 2012 you  It doesn’t have to be a perfect you.  It doesn’t have to be a new you.  It can just be a better you. 

Contact me if you’d like help with revving up your resolutions this New Year – start 2012 by taking a London Pilates Studio class!


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